Help Desk Reminders

If you are new to Dist219 or a returning teacher/staff, we, at the IT Department wish you a great 2018-2019 school year and would like to get you started  in the right "tech" direction by offering you the following recommendations:
* Login in for the first time can take extra time. Subsequent logins, to the same
computer,  will happen a lot faster. So, log in ahead of time to those machines
that you will normally use the most and next time things should happen faster.
* Login times are directly related to the amount of items that you keep on your
desktop. Keeping entire folders on your desktop is not a preferred practice.
Put them in your J drive and have a shortcut to it on your desktop.
* Talk to the Help Desk and inquire about opting out of Roaming Profiles to
reduce your login time.
* Important advice for your students and/or if you use a computer lab regularly.
Students do not have roaming profiles therefore every time they log in, a new
local profile gets created. This process takes time (about 2 minutes, but could
be longer during busy periods) so please advise your students to login as soon
as they come into the lab and preferably, if possible, use the same computer
every time. By using the same computer, they will reuse their previously created
local profile and their login times could be as quick as 4 seconds.