Eduphoria Update: Appraise, Workshop, and Forms

The District has gone to StandardforSuccess (SFS) as the evaluation tool, we will not renew the subscription for Eduphoria.  Currently all evaluations and associated documents are being archived to make them available in SFS in the future. As we migrate away from this tool, we will also be moving forms from Eduphoria Formspace to GSuite (Google) powered forms. All the District forms currently in use can be accessed from this link, or from the iVisions Portal. The following links provide instructions on how to archive archive digital copies of your records from Appraise or Workshop.

The Google Forms page will go live Monday 11/13/17 and forms on Eduphoria FormSpace will be disabled the same day.

The current target date for the cutoff for archiving PD and evaluation documents is Spring Break. Stay tuned for updates.