Notice to Graduating Seniors

With the school year coming to an end, the graduating seniors have been notified about archiving or migrating data from their ILP and their email accounts.  Here is what was already sent to all the seniors at Niles North and Niles West:

Dear Seniors,

Individual Learning Plan (ILP) 

After this summer, you'll no longer have access to your school's ILP record. 

If you'd like to save any information from your Individual Learning Plan (ILP):
Each page within the ILP has a button at the bottom titled "View PDF"Press this button and a PDF page will appear for you to print or save from your browser. You may want to download your grade reports or other documents from the ILP. Email account 

You will have access to your email account for JUST one more year after graduation. During that time please move your emails, Drive docs, calendar, etc to another account by following the instructions from this link:

If you are using your account on any third party sites or services (ie dropbox, pandora, twitter etc), please change or update them.  

You can click here to see what apps you are connected to with your account to change that as well.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact your AAL student help desk.

- District 219 Technology Department

If you have any seniors in your class, be sure to remind them as well, so that they don't wait too long before saving/migrating their important data.