Is Apple ending support for QuickTime?

Apparently, but it is only for Windows. There is no official word from Apple as why and when they will stop supporting QuickTime  for Windows but there are enough rumors on the web that point to that end. The general consensus is, at this point, to remove the application before it becomes a liability. Remember, this only applies to your Windows computers.
As an end-user, this news may be important to you in two folds. 

First, if Apple is indeed ending support for QuickTime, they will stop developing fixes for security vulnerabilities, leaving your Windows computers exposed to future unknown risks.
Secondly, you may have some (older?)  applications that rely on QuickTime or some of your favorite websites are still using QuickTime. This move will render obsolete all those programs and sites that still rely on QuickTime.  

The Chicago Tribune, on its Fridays edition, had an article on this and  they went into more details. And if you decided to uninstall QuicTime, Apple has revised its uninstall  instructions earlier this month.