D219 Google Usage Over the Holidays.

The beauty of graphs...  you get the whole story with just a quick glance. The graph above represents D219 Google Usage Over the Holidays. 
  • Video hangouts went up by 25%. Makes sense. Holiday times are when we want to reach out to people in our lives.
  • Drive usage went down 4%. That too makes sense. It is vacation time and those documents in your drive will have to wait.
  • Calendar usage picked up after January 12th. I guess we all started to line up things for the upcoming month.
  • E-mail usage declined between Dec 24th and Jan12th a testament to the new times. Even during breaks and holidays, we never really "disconnect" from email.
If you are curious about the two big drops that look like a "W" between Jan 8th and Jan 12th... that is the weekend. Have a great second semester!