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Tips to be Thankful For!

Force Users to Make a Copy of Google Drive Files

The main selling point of Google Drive is the amazing built-in collaboration elements.

Here is a great tip from the Shake Up Learning Blog.  You can force users to make a copy of a Google doc by simply changing the word “edit” to “copy” at the end of the shared link.

Example: Here is a Science Fair Google Document that users have view-only rights. 

Users not logged into a Gmail account request access to edit the document all the time.

By changing the “edit” to “copy”

All users will now get prompted to make a copy of the document and be prompted to log into their gmail account if not already logged in before proceeding.  Great tool for those teachers who post many assignments on their websites.

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Accessing Foreign Language Characters and Keyboard Inputs
One of the advantages of students going through the Digital Literacy Program is that they learn how to access their Chromebook’s potential.   

Setting up your Chromebook to access foreign language characters is easy.  Click here for a short step-by-step video.