October Tech Talks Topics

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9/29 - 10/1   MASTERY MANAGER
Creating Answer Key Assessments
  • Create answer key-only assessments using Mastery Manager.
  • Assessments can be administered on plain paper forms or online virtual bubble forms.
  • Learning Targets can be associated with each question in an assessment to closely measure what the student knows.
Discussions and Updates
Discussions allows teachers to create and manage discussions with students through the Portal.
This tool allows teachers to create and manage discussions for your classes. Students can respond to a thread created by the teacher, create their own threads, and comment on each other's responses, depending on discussion setup.

The latest upgrade changed the layout of the Adding an Assignment page:
  • added a lesson template (optional)
  • changed the Notes and Portal information layout (combined text box)
  • moved the Scoring Alignment Detail down the page
  • added a metadata area at end of assignment definition to enter additional information, useful for finding assignments in the future
10/13 - 10/18   MASTERY MANAGER
Creating Item Bank Assessments
  • Item Banks can be created in Mastery Manager by entering questions or importing questions in a variety of file formats.
  • Item banks can be shared with others allowing them to create assessments with questions from existing item banks.
  • Create item bank assessments in Mastery Manager using specific search criteria, such as keywords or learning targets.
10/20 - 10/22   MASTERY MANAGER
Copying MM Scores into the Gradebook and Running Reports

Copy scores from Mastery Manager and paste into your Infinite Campus gradebook using the Copy-Paste Tool

Reports: Once assessments have been taken and scanned into the system, reports can be generated.  You may generate a general alphabetical results report or combine several criteria to generate a detailed report. From the Reports Menu, you may also lookup students.  The Student Lookup feature allows you to generate a report based on one or several students.
10/27 - 10/29   INFINITE CAMPUS
The IC Messenger tools allow teachers to communicate with students and/or student guardians.  Send a message to the whole class, send a missing assignment message or a grade message.  No groups to create, just click and send.