August PDC Tech Talks

August 10-14

Gradebook Setup
Set up your gradebooks for the new school year and verify they are calculating correctly. We will review creating categories and assignments and copying them into other classes. Setup is required at the beginning of each year (or each semester for one semester courses).  Learn some new tips and tricks and spend a few minutes in the PDC now to avoid frustration later!

August 17-21
Website / Moodle Update
Update your websites with current schedules, syllabi and class policies, or revamp your site completely with a new theme and layout.  Refresh your Moodle course by removing students and their records, and updating or creating groups for the new year.  In a just few minutes, you can be ready to go!

August 24-28
Google Classroom
Google Classroom is now available at 219! Classroom is a platform that allows you to easily share and manage announcements and Google docs based assignments with your students. If you’ve been struggling with sharing, organizing and grading student work with Google Docs, Classroom could be the tool you've been looking for.