Two Google Docs Add-Ons to Facilitate Writing

Add-Ons are tools written to enhance the functionality of basic tools such as Google Docs and Sheets, there are almost 100 add-ons available for Google Docs alone.

Teaching students to write and getting them to write well present unique challenges. Developing basic skills such as citing sources, tracking the progression of a work over time and checking for consistency are a few places Google Apps for Education (GAFE) can help writers at different stages of their development. EasyBib and Consistency Checker are two solid add-ons that address different levels of developing writers.

EasyBib - When documenting the source is more important than mastering the intricate formatting of the citation itself, EasyBib is the tool of choice. Enter a book or journal title or website URL and select a format such as MLA or Chicago style, click Generate Bibliography and the citations are alphabetized and added to the end of the work.

Consistency Checker - This tool is geared towards more substantial documents or those developed collaboratively. Consistency checker looks for  variation in abbreviations (a.m. vs. A.M.), hyphenation (10-year-old vs. 10 year-old), spelling variations (color vs. colour), common typos (principal vs. principle), and numbers in sentences (ten vs. 10).

Inserting one is as easy as Add-Ons, Get Add-Ons, Add.
To explore the Add-ons available for Docs, follow this link.