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Tech Leader Tidbits

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day, the Tech Leaders would like to list the things they love about the Chromebook.

Reema G.,  “I love the fact there’s a Netflix app!“

Alec B., “ I love the fact that I can open it up and start working in less than 15 seconds.”

Raj G., “I love the ability to work on my Google Docs offline, when my internet is out. I do not love U-verse though! ”

Haresh K., “I love the fact you can’t get a virus on the Chromebook!”

Congratulations to all students that are D219 Certified Digital Literate!

Many students have earned their Digital Literacy Badges. Students still finishing the program should be encouraged to see the Digital Literacy Coaches in their study hall or stop by the Student Help Desk. Our Tech Leaders are there throughout the day to help students struggling with Digital Literacy concepts. All of our Tech Leaders have successfully navigated the program and are D219 Digital Certified. Students should seek them as technology mentors.

What's new in Google Calendar   

Gmail on your calendar

Reservations for flights, restaurants, and more can now be automatically added from email. You can change this in Settings.

New Google Calendar Android app

A new Schedule View with photos and maps of the places you’re going, and Assists to make event creation quicker and easier with suggestions that save you time.

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