Infinite Campus Updates


The Beta label has been removed from the Campus Instruction application. Users should still be aware that Campus will continue to enhance this application.

The Campus Instruction Grade Book has been updated so that clicking on student names opens a summary of contact information for the student.

An option has been added to the Grade Book Settings to allow teachers to include a link to a course web site, which is then available in the Campus Portal.

Previously, the system at times failed to generate a timestamp for student assignment submission. A timestamp now appears for every submission and a script was run to add timestamps for submissions that were missing timestamps.

Previously, the scoring cell for an exempt assignment would only be colored gray if the teacher had turned on pass/fail color coding in the Campus Instruction Grade Book. This has been updated so that the scoring cell for an exempt assignment always displays as gray.

When teachers hover over flags in the Roster, all comments display for each flag, even if the student has multiple flags for the same condition.

Seating Charts

The font and picture size on printed seating charts has been increased to make the printed charts more readable. To accommodate this resize, Student Number, Grade Level, and Date of Birth options have been removed.


Previously, an error occurred when copying a large number of assignments from one section to another. This has been corrected.

Progress Report / Report Cards

Canned Comments accessed through Campus Instruction (Grade Book or Post Grades) have been updated to sort numerically by code.

Previously, when posting In Progress grades from one Grading Task to another overwrote the Report Card Comments in the destination Grading Task. This has been corrected.