November Tech Talks

November: Formative Assessment Options for Digital Teaching

Teaching in a digital environment affords us many advantages over traditional environments. Leveraging the power of tools such as Google Apps for Education, Web Apps such as Socrative, and platforms like Moodle and Mastery Manager all provide for immediate or just in time, detailed student feedback. These opportunities allow students to focus their efforts where necessary and for teachers to be spend for more time on other activities to promote / reinforce learning.

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Week of November 3: Google Forms and Doctopus
Use Flubaroo (a Google Add-On) to create online assessments.
  • Computes average assignment score.
  • Computes average score per question, and flags low-scoring questions.
  • Shows you a grade distribution graph.
  • Gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key.
  • Lets you send individualized feedback to each student.
Use Doctopus to manage student handin-folders and document / project templates
  • Organize Hand-in folders by class.
  • Disable access to documents at a specified time.
  • Assess a class of projects from a single spreadsheet.
  • Provide individualized feedback.
  • Share project templates to an entire class.

Week of November 10: Socrative, Quizlet and Study Stack
Socrative is a free online quiz program that allows students to use chromebooks or other mobile devices in place of clickers. It can even be used with their phone! Create quizzes and access over  21 million study sets and flashcards with Quizlet. With Study Stack, one set of flashcards generates over a dozen ways to study the information!

Week of November 17: Moodle and Mastery Manager
Create online tests in your Moodle course. Using Mastery Manager, create answer key-only or question bank formative or summative assessments. Assessments can be administered online via virtual bubble forms. Learning Targets can be associated with each question in an assessment to closely measure what the student knows.  Analyze performance and weaknesses from a variety of score-based and standards-based reports.