News from the Student Help Desk

We had another great start to the school year. In our second year of deploying Chromebooks, 1,083 incoming freshmen were issued new devices to use anywhere, anytime.  The Chromebook’s quick startup, ergonomic keyboard, and seamless file syncing with Google Apps allows students to be more productive.
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In keeping productive, the Help Desk has many Tech Leaders to help with problems that may occur with student devices. While we can repair many types of damage with little or no cost to students and their families, we highly recommend anyone else with a school-issued device, to buy insurance.  More information can be found here.  

We know students have a variety of technology skills that are demonstrated in the classroom, but how do we assess our students’ digital literacy?  Incoming freshman are working with digital literacy coaches during study halls to reach our new Board goal of engaging students, increasing their digital literacy skills, and helping them become digitally literate 21st century citizens.  More information can be found here.

Our Tech Leaders’ program expanded last year to include Video Tech Leaders (VTLs).  These students have dedicated many hours after school recording and editing sports and social events that have occurred in the district.  Many of the shows are playing on our Public Access Station. Students interested in participating should contact the Cable TV Producers for more information:

Michael Hoffman @ West   or  Rob Henderson @ North