WIFI Changes You Need to Know About

Over the summer break, Information Services has been hard at work updating the wireless network. The District’s wireless network has received a naming convention make-over to better meet our growing needs.  

If you bring a new device to connect to the District’s WiFi (or) if last year you were using NTHS-FACULTY, NTHS-AAL, NTHS-AAL-5G or NTHS STUDENT wireless networks, please read on, these instructions concern you.

When you open your wireless settings on your device, you will see listed a few WiFi networks. The primary WiFi network for faculty, staff and other District employees is NTHS-STAFF.

If you have an older device that does not support connecting to the primary network, then use NTHS-BYOD. If everything else fails, you can use NTHS-GUEST, temporarily. Be advised that the guest network NTHS-GUEST no longer requires a password. Note: capacity and speed is restricted on NTHS-GUEST. Visit here for step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the WiFi network.

You will also notice four new networks, called NTHS-CLASS-20xx. These networks are dedicated for student’s use. They are split by graduating class, as the name suggests.

For a more information regarding the wireless, go to Wireless @ D219 site.