New Profile Picture Policy

At the last Board Meeting there was a change as to what images are allowed to be displayed for any District-related online accounts which states, "For District e-mail accounts, Google+ accounts and other District-related online accounts that permit display of a profile photo, District employees must display their official D219 security photo or the default Google silhouette. No other pictures or images, including the D219 logo, are permitted."

What this means for the profile picture in your email is that you can use your security ID picture or the default Google silhouette (which is displayed if you delete your picture). We will no longer automatically update it with your security ID pic.  If you want to use a picture, you will need to manually save and download your picture from the Employee Directory within the Portal (if you do not see your picture in the Employee Directory, see Phil Lacey in the PDC and he will download it for you so that you can upload it as your profile picture).  Also, if you have another picture currently uploaded to your email account or in Google + as your profile picture, then you will need to delete it and upload you security ID picture, using the method above or leave it with the default silhouette.