Can't Connect to Wireless NTHS-FACULTY

If you use  the NTHS-FACULTY wireless, it is quite possible that sooner or later you will experience difficulties establishing or maintaining a WiFi connection for your wireless device. Unfortunately, the password for NTHS-FACULTY wireless was leaked. We have no option but to change its password and that change will happen over the Summer

Because of this password breach, the NTHS-FACULTY WiFi has been reaching its maximum capacity of allowed hosts and at peak times, some users find out that they cannot longer connect. This issue is only affecting the NTHS-FACULTY and unfortunately the number of allowed hosts cannot be increased due to technical limitations.

If you are affected by these shortages or if you want to avoid having to deal with this issue at all, please consider stopping using NTHS-FACULTY and start using NTHS-AAL-5G or NTHS-AAL.

Please follow the instructions here to guide you in setting up your device to the NTHS-AAL-5G or NTHS-AAL WiFi. If you need help, call us at the Help Desk or stop by the PDC.

Please note that if your device does not list the NTHS-AAL-5G network as an available option, it is because it is not capable of using it. However,  if you see NTHS-AAL-5G... that is great news! NTHS-AAL-5G is a faster (5GHz) wireless that will complement better your newer devices such as smartphones (iPhones, Androids, Windows phones), tablets (iPads, Android, and Windows tablets), and Chromebooks.