Summer Learning Workshops and Classes

Maine D 207 Google Apps in the Collaborative Classroom:

This week-long experience, planned and designed by Maine 207's team of Google Certified Apps Trainers will first prepare you to use the core suite of Google Apps for Education, which includes Google Documents, Gmail, Sites, Calendar, Chat, Groups and Video. As teachers are learning the tools there will be hands-on opportunities for modifying existing lessons to become more collaborative using Google Apps. Teachers will also be given the opportunity to model authentic student activities by building a portfolio of work using Google Sites. More detailed descriptions and course information can be found by clicking here!

IVS Professional Development Summer 2014 Online Courses Now Open for Registration!

The following Illinois customized Intel® Teach Elements courses are now open for registration at
·         Designing Blended Learning
·         Project-Based Approaches
·         Inquiry in the Science Classroom
·         Collaboration in the Classroom
·         Teach Students to Think Critically with Data
·         Assessment of 21st Century Skills
·         Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
Each six week facilitated course starts June 25 and ends August 5, 2014, and consists of interactive lessons, participation in discussion boards, and the development and submission of a final project/action plan. Participants should plan to spend 3-4 hours per week completing weekly assignments, but when to work each week is up to the participant!
Participants will earn 21 CPDUs for successful course completion and most courses are available for graduate credit from Aurora University. Cost per course is only $150, with an additional graduate credit tuition fee of $200 paid directly to the university. 
Enroll today to learn how to transform the classroom to a digital learning environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and critically thinking!  For more course information, view our flyer at
If you have any questions, please email Danielle Brush Lewis at