New Password Procedure--Comcast Passwords Hacked

Hackers stole e-mail passwords from Comcast (along with major security breaches at Target and other major businesses) customers this past week, reminding me to remind you to change your password. 

We have devised a simple way to change your password on your D219 accounts. Follow this link to begin the process. Be sure to choose a password that is at least 8 characters long and uses a variety of letters and numbers.

Changing your password in the Portal will update your password on your computer, D219 Google Apps, and core systems such as Moodle, Eduphoria, etc.. It will not change your password on stand alone systems like Swiper. You will also need to reestablish credentials on your mobile devices (Chromebook/phone/tablet/netbook) to access District 219 Wi-Fi. Here's how: 
ChromebooksNetbooksWindows laptops

Going forward, the Portal will be the only place for users to manage their system passwords. Help Desk staff will no longer reset connections for your mobile devices, nor are they at liberty to change passwords excepting certain situations.  If you have any questions you should contact the Help Desk for guidance. 

Thanks again for helping to keep our systems secure.