Cable in the Classroom and Other Programming Resources

We would like to remind teachers that District 219 participates in CABLE IN THE CLASSROOM, a consortium of cable television networks and service providers which offers free, classroom-friendly programming with extended classroom use rights. While we still receive cable programming in the buildings, the need to request tapings of certain programs in order to make them available for classroom use has diminished.

The Cable in the Classroom website offers many links not only to hundreds of hours of programming available online, but also to traditional taping calendars for titles not yet available for free streaming. Here are some useful links teachers may wish to browse and bookmark:

Cable in the Classroom On-Air/Online Program Listings - Full, searchable list
If you’ve seen a program on cable-TV and wish you had recorded it to use in your classroom, check out the list to see if all or part of the show is available for free, on-demand streaming.

Cable in the Classroom Links - List of cable industry initiatives

High School Classroom Resources from Discovery Channel

List of History Channel online streaming videos

Spring Semester 2012 - taping calendar for History, Biography, and A&E networks (will download a .pdf to your computer - the programming on lists like this can be requested for off-air taping if you submit this form at least 24 hours in advance)

Programming recorded from Cable in the Classroom partner networks comes with extended classroom use rights, usually 1 - 3 years. So look over these resources and find some streaming videos or recordable broadcasts for use in your classroom today!