Use Atomic Learning Resources to Flip Your Classroom

The digital age learning has sparked a movement to flip tradition classroom styles to a reversed teaching model. Inverting the lectures to outside of the classroom allows the teachers to spend more time with each student based on the questions of the students. Creating a collaborative learning environment allows the Students have the opportunity to ask questions and work through problems with the guidance of their teachers and the support of their peers.

While flipping on any scale does not happen overnight, Atomic Learning provides training resources that can be integrated in such a teaching environment. Below are some links to resources that you may want to look at whether you are thinking about flipping your classroom or trying a new mode of presenting information to your students. 

Collaborating with a Global Community
Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom
Video Storytelling in the Classroom

Faculty can log-in to Atomic Learning using their  D219 Username and password, while students use their D219 email address as their username and ID# as their password.
I encourage you to review these resources as well as many others that can be found on the Atomic Learning website as you discuss and discover how the flipped classroom model can benefit you and your students.

If you have any questions about, or want additional help using AtomicLearning in your classroom, contact the PDC staff.