Spring Cleaning Tips from the AAL Help Desk

Cleaning your netbooks:
A buildup of dirt and dust not only slows down a machine over time but may damage the system.  Dell recommends using a screen cleaner to cut the grime and helps protect from fingerprints and the use of a microfiber cloth to wipe it down.  Any store that sells electronics will have a cleaning kit.  Use canned air to blow out the dust from the bottom of the machine where the fan takes in fresh air to cool system down.   Please avoid using glass cleaners such as Windex, because the chemicals inside are too harsh for your netbook screen.

Refresh Netbook Image:
As you are cleaning your netbook, it maybe time to refresh and re-image your system.  Stop by the Help Desk will restore your netbook back to that Out-of-the-Box experience. Not only will this measure speed up your netbook but it remove all those programs you downloaded to test.  Please backup your files.  Don't know how to do it yet?  Then learn how to do it when you drop off your netbook or schedule an appointment.

Please refer to our AAL Help Desk for any other useful tip or information relating to the netbooks.