Spring Cleaning for a Guilt-free Summer

There are just a few weeks left in the school year and now is the time to do a little “spring cleaning.” Each summer the computers are wiped clean, inside and out, so it is important to move any files you may have stored on your machine's hard drive to your J-drive, to a thumb drive or burn it to a CD . Please do not wait until the last minute.  Any files left in your local machine will be lost when we re-image it. If you need assistance, please visit the PDC. While you are in the mode of cleaning up drives; review the contents of your J-Drive. If there are files you haven’t used in a while, burn them to a CD or thumb drive and delete them off the network to regain that valuable storage space. OR, move them up to “the cloud” and your Google Docs storage space.  Also, help us get your computers ready for next year. Make sure that you complete the “Software Re-install Request for 2012-2013" form to notify us of your software needs for 2012 -2013.

On a side note - our Dell sales rep "threw-in" some USB transfer cables onto one of our computer purchases, thank you very much but... we have no use for them (Disclaimer: these were not gifted nor a solicited donation), however, they are great for people like you and me that struggle at home transferring files from an old computer into the new shinny one. 

We have 45 of these cables to pass it on to you for FREE, first-come first-served, while they last. Works for transferring files from Win7/Win7, Vista/Win7 and WinXp. Here is a more detailed explanation of the product.

Send an email to Thalia thaarg@d219.org to reserve your cable. 

Please read one more disclaimer before claiming your cable. You agree to use this Belkin Easy Transfer Cable at your own risk. District 219 and/or the IS Dept is not liable for any data loss or damage caused by its use and we do not provide any warranty or support on it. 

Thank You