Assignment Turn in Script in Google Sites

I recently ran across this video: Assignment turn in script in Google Sites Screencast.  Setting up a script on your website enables students to upload files and they are automatically in a defined Collection (folder) your Google Docs. Working smarter!

As we gather more data using Google Forms and Spreadsheets there are a lot of questions out there about how we can reformat and share this data in a more consumable understandable way. In the last couple of months the Maine 207 technology team of Mark Ordonez and Janice Cacciatore and Hank Thiele have tackled this issue on several projects and as a result have created a reproducible Google Script that takes the information off a spreadsheet and ultimately creates a unique document that can be shared with anyone. For more ideas chack out Hank Thiele's post: The Google Apps Mail Merge Solution You’ve Been Looking For