Friday, January 31, 2014

Digital Learning Day

 Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is about giving every child the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment everyday, with the goal of success in college and a career. We urge you to make a difference with digital learning in America's schools and take the pledge to support the effective use of technology to improve education for all students.

Celebrate Digital Learning Day in your classroom, explore these resources or visit the PDC for ideas / support.

HippoCampus is a free core content academic website that offers a large amount of Common Core aligned interactives, multimedia presentations, and simulations from a variety of institutions. Great as supplemental or flipped learning resources. Set up a free account and show your students how to do the same for the ability to customize the content.

Atomic Learning offers a large library of on-demand video content and pre-made lesson primers. Direct students to specific videos as a flipped learning resource, an introduction for a lesson or find resources to support classroom activities.

Google Chrome is more than just a browser. Explore Apps and Extensions to leverage the power of the cloud without the need to search and download programs to multiple computers. Apps and extensions follow a user from device to device, so no more "which machine was I using?" moments. Many apps integrate with Drive, so projects are saved alongside all your documents.

Password Security

You may have heard on NPR and the news that Yahoo e-mail passwords were stolen.

Yahoo Email Account Passwords Stolen

In light of the many account security issues we have witnessed in the last few weeks (Target, Yahoo, Neiman Marcus), it is time to change your passwords! Your passwords protect your accounts, files, Gradebook, and email, and by extension, the District's information. Here is a guide for Creating Strong Passwords; in short, use a long password made up of numbers, letters, and symbols at least 8 characters long.

Today, take three minutes out of your day and update the password on your account. 

1. Log in and press Ctrl + Alt + Delete

2. Select Change a Password                     3. Enter the required information and click the arrow.

4. All done

Note: Mobile devices like phones, tablets and Chromebooks connecting to your D219 Google Apps account are not affected by your Active Directory password. Therefore, if you want to change that password, you will need to go to the Help Desk.  

Congratulations to Our Google Apps Certified Staff

Please join me in congratulating Judy Duesenberg, Cindy Kukla, and Phil Lacey for passing the Google Apps Qualification exam. 

This certification required them to demonstrate their knowledge of all aspects of Google Apps for Education, and is a pre-requisite for the Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer credential. 

If you're interested in becoming a Google Certified Teacher, check out their website for more information.

Student Digital Literacy Skills Scores in ILP

Beginning this semester, the class of 2017, and all subsequent classes, will have their Atomic Learning digital literacy scores posted in the “Scores and Awards” section of the ILP. These scores help determine areas of proficiency and deficit, providing a baseline for student improvement over the next four years. Students will have four more opportunities throughout their high school career to complete the assessment and improve their final score. The scores are displayed in their Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which can be printed out and used to supplement their college portfolio.

Students viewing their Digital Literacy scores in the ILP will have access to a host of online resources to help them improve their scores in addition to services provided by the Tech Leaders at the AAL Helpdesk.

Voice Recognition Directory Services

We are very happy to announce voice-recognition as a  new feature on our phone system. The voice-recognition feature will allow you to interact with directory services by speaking rather than by using the phone keypad as you search for another person. This will help us save time and guess work as we search District's phone directory. 

Starting next Tuesday, you will be able to dial 0 and speak the name of the person in the telephone directory. Please speak the person's full name for a better match and if you have multiple hits, then you will be prompted to further refine your search. 

The voice recognition will only be available internally. Stay tuned for a future announcement, when we enable this feature to assist incoming calls.