Monday, August 1, 2016

News from the AAL Helpdesk

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It is our fourth year of deploying Chromebooks for our 1:1 program.  Close to 1116 incoming freshman will be issued a new device to use anywhere, anytime.  The Chromebook III is not only a nice upgrade to the sturdy Chromebook II model but its price of $191 makes it much more cost effective for our students.

As with our other models, the Chromebook III is available for purchase from the Student Help Desk.  If you are still carrying around an old netbook, it is probably a good time to purchase an upgrade.  You pay what we pay.  

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The Student Help Desk has many Tech Leaders to help with problems that may occur with student devices. While we can repair many types of damage with little or no cost to students and their families, we highly recommend to anyone with a school-issued device, to buy insurance.  The policy covers up to $200 with a $0 deductible for $32.60 for the year.
More information can be found here.  

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Incoming freshman will be working with their digital literacy coaches during study halls to reach our Board goal of engaging students, increasing their digital literacy skills, and helping them become digitally literate 21st-century citizens.   If you have students that are not assigned to a freshman study hall, please encourage them to start the program early and visit the coaches or student help desk for assistance in completing the program.  There is a nice Digital Literacy Program guide on our site for help.  More information can be found here.

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