Friday, January 29, 2016

Students, Are You Ready for PARCC?

This year, many of the freshman students will participate in the Spring PARCC Math and English Language Arts tests. Testing will be done online using your Chromebook.  Your Chromebook is the only device you are allowed to use. To make sure you and your Chromebook are ready to go, we recommend that you read the information and view the tutorials below:

  • Installing TestNav App - Chromebook app required for PARCC test
  • Pearson Tutorial- Familiarize yourself with the App before the tests: learn how to navigate, use special features, learn to use the equation editor and more...know before you go!
  • Pearson Practice Tests - Take practice tests for both the English and Math portion of the assessment so you are familiar and comfortable with the assessment

Remember that you can stop by the Student Help Desk if you are having problems with the installation:

Niles West
Mr. Craig Phillips
Room 2150

Niles North
 Mr. Abraham
Room 1015

PDC: Tech Talks Feb 2016 - Mastery Manager & Infinite Campus

Join us for Tech Talks in February covering Mastery Manager Reports and Infinite Campus

Click here to access the Tech Talks Blog for additional information and resources. Add the PDC Calendar to your account: copy this link and add by url into the Other Calendars in your Calendar.

Running Reports in Mastery Manager
Once assessments have been taken and scanned into the system, reports can be generated.  You may generate an alphabetical results report or combine several criteria to generate a detailed report. The Student Lookup feature allows you to generate a report based on one or several students.

Plan Your Semester with the Infinite campus planner!
Infinite Campus has a hidden secret--the Planner!  In addition to adding assignments and planning your curriculum in a calendar format, you can view attendance by day and copy assignments.  Stop in to see how easy and useful this feature is.


Send Messages with Infinite Campus

The IC Messenger tools allow teachers to communicate with students and/or parents or guardians.  Send a message to the whole class, send a missing assignment message or a grade message.  No groups to create, just click and send.

Reports for all your Needs
Use reports to view the following data about your sections:

  • Print forms for future use, including blank spreadsheets and roster labels.
  • View Portal Use by Students and Parents
  • View attendance events for a specific date range, for an entire term, or as term totals for a calendar.
  • Export your Grade Book for use in another program.
  • View score summaries for the section or individual students.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

D219 Google Usage Over the Holidays.

The beauty of graphs...  you get the whole story with just a quick glance. The graph above represents D219 Google Usage Over the Holidays. 
  • Video hangouts went up by 25%. Makes sense. Holiday times are when we want to reach out to people in our lives.
  • Drive usage went down 4%. That too makes sense. It is vacation time and those documents in your drive will have to wait.
  • Calendar usage picked up after January 12th. I guess we all started to line up things for the upcoming month.
  • E-mail usage declined between Dec 24th and Jan12th a testament to the new times. Even during breaks and holidays, we never really "disconnect" from email.
If you are curious about the two big drops that look like a "W" between Jan 8th and Jan 12th... that is the weekend. Have a great second semester!    

OER Common Core / Next Gen Science Standards Resources


Looking for Common Core / Next Gen Science Standards resources for your  (Google) classroom? has a rich variety of leveled robust resources for both Math and NGSS, in addition to Science and Math, there are resources for Engineering, Astronomy, English, and History.

Create a customized resource library for you classes including text books, simulations, PLIX (offer learners an interactive and immersive user experience in exploring concepts often used in real world examples), and Practice activities.

Add the resources directly to your Google Classroom, using the Add to Google Classroom extension, so students have a single stop for learning resources and you have a single point to manage information and assignments.

Google Science Fair 2016 is coming!

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