Friday, July 31, 2015

News from the AAL Help Desk

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Back to School
Getting Ready for 2015-2016

Welcome to

Nilesk12 Login.png
All students emails and google docs were converted to nilesk12 accounts over the summer.  All your username and passwords remain the same.  

Now you will sign in with your
Please read more about the changes on the Tech Leader Blog.

North AAL Help Desk Changing Rooms

We are packing up and moving to the front of the building.  The new North AAL Student Help Desk will be in room 1015.  As soon as you walk into the building from the main lobby, make a left at the security desk. We are straight ahead.

Looking for Tech Leaders

As the senior Tech Leaders graduate and move on to life beyond high school, the Student Help Desk finds itself in need of bright new Tech Leaders for next school year.  

Teachers, do you have a go-to tech-savvy student who is always eager to lend a hand?  Please recommend a few talented students for the program.

Encourage students to stop by the AAL Student Help Desk for more information: Tech Leader Application

Internal Phone Extension for Heartland

Heartland Internal Phone Numbers for Transfers
As you may be aware, we now host Heartland Health Center on our premises. Due to the fact that they use a separate phone system, we have set up two internal extensions that will forward internal calls to their main 773 lines automatically. Please use these internal extensions if you need to transfer to or call the Health Centers. 

The extensions are:
3215 - North
3715 - West

Please do not give these extensions out to the public, as they are for internal use only. Outside callers should call Heartland's 773 numbers directly.

Heartland Health Center at Niles North Phone: 773-751-7900
Fax: 847-674-2846

Heartland Health Center at Niles West Phone: 773-751-7920
Fax: 847-674-2651


As we refresh our network, you may be refreshing your devices.

The Tech Department encourages users who connect to our Wi-Fi networks to use NTHS-STAFF as their primary connection. 

If you have an older device that can't connect to NTHS-STAFF, please see your building's Help Desk for assistance connecting to NTHS-BYOD. 

Please note that the key for NTHS-BYOD has been recently changed and will continue to be changed annually.

Updates to Google Apps

Customize Google Apps Launcher
Google's ever-evolving universe now offers end-users the ability to customize their experience. 

Icons for your Google Apps can now be dragged and dropped to organize your apps in a way that makes the most sense to you. Put your most-used apps in the top row and move others to another screen. The possibilities are endless. 

For more info, visit

Cross-Domain Sharing
We can now share docs and other files outside of our @NILESK12 and @D219 addresses thanks to Google's new Whitelisted Domains. 

This means that users can collaborate on files with specific users outside of our organization without having to give editing rights to 'anyone with the link,' thus making access more secure and controlled. 

For more info, visit

Microsoft Office Plug-In
Google has released a Microsoft Office plug-in to better foster cross-platform collaboration. We already could save files as .docx and other Office formats, but now users can store and share their MS Office files directly from Drive and not lose any functionality. 

Presently, this plug-in works on Windows computers and Office 2007 or newer. Office 365 must be installed locally for this plug-in to work. 

For more info, visit

August PDC Tech Talks

August 10-14

Gradebook Setup
Set up your gradebooks for the new school year and verify they are calculating correctly. We will review creating categories and assignments and copying them into other classes. Setup is required at the beginning of each year (or each semester for one semester courses).  Learn some new tips and tricks and spend a few minutes in the PDC now to avoid frustration later!

August 17-21
Website / Moodle Update
Update your websites with current schedules, syllabi and class policies, or revamp your site completely with a new theme and layout.  Refresh your Moodle course by removing students and their records, and updating or creating groups for the new year.  In a just few minutes, you can be ready to go!

August 24-28
Google Classroom
Google Classroom is now available at 219! Classroom is a platform that allows you to easily share and manage announcements and Google docs based assignments with your students. If you’ve been struggling with sharing, organizing and grading student work with Google Docs, Classroom could be the tool you've been looking for.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Infinite Campus Updates

Over the summer many updates were introduced to Infinite Campus. Here are the ones affecting your Gradebooks:

NEW Copying Assignments in the Grade Book
Previously, the only way to copy assignments from one section to another was by using the Assignment Copier in the Planner. The Grade Book has been updated to also include this tool in the Settings menu.

NEW Discussions
Discussions, which has been in Closed Beta since the beginning of the year, is now generally available.  With Moderator rights, teachers can then moderate discussions in their active sections.
This new tool allows teachers to create and manage discussions with students through the Portal. Teachers can select participants, moderate responses, and view discussions through a variety of filtering and sorting options.

Scoring Editor Updates
  1. Column and row headers in the scoring editor have been frozen, so that when scrolling through the roster, the headers stay at the top of the screen and student names stay at the left and are always visible.
  2. The Scoring Alignment information has been moved to a legend access by clicking the link in the top right of the editor.
  3. When scoring an assignment aligned to a student group, the name of the group will now display at the top of the scoring editor in the center.
  4. Columns in the editor are now sortable.

Student Assessment Summary
The Student Assessment Summary report has been added to the Campus Instruction Grade Book reports.

Student Summary Report
A Report Card Comments option has been added to the Student Summary Report. Comments report below the task/standard.

NEW / Roster Link to Student Information
You can now go directly from the Campus Instruction student detail page to the (more detailed) Campus Tools student record.  Just click on the blue “to Student Information” link.

Campus Instruction Grade Book - Posted Percentages
Logic in the Grade Book has been updated so that when a teacher enters a percent in the Posted Percent column, the Grade column populates based on the Grading Scale selected.

If you have any questions, contact your PDC Staff. Additional information is available via the Campus Community.