Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Student E-mail addresses are changing!

One of the many benefits for students in the Classrooms 1st initiative is that they will receive Google Apps accounts that will follow them from elementary school through high school. Students will be able to construct a comprehensive learning portfolio that will follow them through graduation.  

D219 students have received instructions that their accounts will be shut down June 1, 2015 and they must transfer anything they wish to keep by that date. This link takes you to the presentation with instructions on how to transfer data from to their new account.
June 1st is the official cutover to:

To make this happen:
All students will get a new domain name Their E-mail accounts will look like this (******
All students' G-Mail and Drive files will be transferred from their accounts to their new account.

Students will need to use Google TakeOut to transfer calendar, contacts and other information they might want (YouTube, etc.). Refer to these instruction.

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