Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Opting Out of a Roaming Profile

What is a roaming profile?
Basically, items on your desktop (including your desktop background), Firefox and Internet Explorer favorites would follow you from computer to computer. This roaming profile lives on the server and will travel back and forth, from server to client, every time you log in and out, this way, no matter what computer you use, your computer desktop will always look the same.

But the catch is...
As time goes on, your roaming profile may grow quite large.  As a result, your login and logout times will get increasingly longer and longer.  This delay causes problems. For example, when you are logging out of your classroom computer and the next teacher is waiting for it to complete before he/she can begin class, time is wasted.

Is opting out for you?
So, when you opt out of roaming profiles, your desktop will not sync anymore from computer to computer. Say, if you save a document to your desktop on computer A and go to computer B, that document won’t show up in computer B…. it is still on computer A.  But if you saved the document in your J drive (and you do that...right?) then , no sweat, you can continue to work on the same document.

If you are willing to give up saving items to your desktop, and instead save your files/documents to your J drive and if you mostly use Chrome for your bookmarks, you are a candidate for giving up your roaming profile.  The main benefit of having NO roaming profile is that your login and logout times will be very fast and your documents, now saved in the J drive, are always backed up. A number of your peers have already opted out and are very pleased with the results.  If you are interested in learning more about what it means to opt out of a roaming profile please feel free to contact the help desks.

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