Monday, March 30, 2015

Education on Air, a free online conference from Google

Google for Work
Education on Air
Connect with educators. Create new ways of learning.
Join us May 8-9, 2015 for Education on Air, a free online conference from Google.

Come explore the future of education and technology with a community of teachers, students, researchers, Googlers and business leaders.

Education on Air is a free, online conference for educators, by educators. Register and you'll have the opportunity to:
  • Reflect on and discuss how we can create an education system that prepares students for our always-changing world
  • Learn new ideas from people in various roles across education, including students
  • Get tips and tools from educators who have boosted student engagement, collaboration and productivity using technology and innovation
You won't even have to leave home to attend. You can take part right from the comfort of your computer, at no cost.

Register for Education on Air today.

P.S. In the coming weeks, we'll be sending you updates on the event sessions and speakers. So stay tuned.

Illinois Computing Educators 2015 Conference Resources

The Illinois Computing Educators 2015 Conference was held at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL. Over 5100 people from as far away as South Africa attended sessions. 

The conference has a complete session list with session notes and presenter resources linked here.

If you like what you see, check out the local chapter Northern Illinois Computing Educators (NICE) next meeting: 

NICE Meeting: Learning Spaces / Design Thinking

Monday May 4
Registration & light dinner at 4:30pm.
Meeting at 5:00pm.

2300 Shermer Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
Please RSVP.

Two Google Docs Add-Ons to Facilitate Writing

Add-Ons are tools written to enhance the functionality of basic tools such as Google Docs and Sheets, there are almost 100 add-ons available for Google Docs alone.

Teaching students to write and getting them to write well present unique challenges. Developing basic skills such as citing sources, tracking the progression of a work over time and checking for consistency are a few places Google Apps for Education (GAFE) can help writers at different stages of their development. EasyBib and Consistency Checker are two solid add-ons that address different levels of developing writers.

EasyBib - When documenting the source is more important than mastering the intricate formatting of the citation itself, EasyBib is the tool of choice. Enter a book or journal title or website URL and select a format such as MLA or Chicago style, click Generate Bibliography and the citations are alphabetized and added to the end of the work.

Consistency Checker - This tool is geared towards more substantial documents or those developed collaboratively. Consistency checker looks for  variation in abbreviations (a.m. vs. A.M.), hyphenation (10-year-old vs. 10 year-old), spelling variations (color vs. colour), common typos (principal vs. principle), and numbers in sentences (ten vs. 10).

Inserting one is as easy as Add-Ons, Get Add-Ons, Add.
To explore the Add-ons available for Docs, follow this link.

Illinois Virtual School Spring / Summer PD Opportunities

Illinois Virtual School is offering online courses for professional development.  The courses are very informative and will provide numerous resources for teachers and/or administrators to take advantage of.  The courses also provide timely discussions with other educators throughout the area and the state.  Please consider taking one of these courses.
Many of the courses provide for additional graduate credit.  Follow the directions on the flyer to sign up.  Spring courses start April 8th, and summer sessions begin June 24th.

Click here for additional information

Student's Will Change Email Address to June 1, 2015

One of the many benefits for students in the Classrooms 1st initiative is that they will receive Google Apps accounts that will follow them from elementary school through high school. Students will be able to construct a comprehensive learning portfolio that will follow them through graduation.  

To make this happen:
All students will get a new domain name Their E-mail accounts will look like this (******
All students' e-mail, calendar, contacts and files will be transferred from their accounts to their new

April 1-30 - AD accounts will be generated for all classes
Automated synchronization will be turned off.
June 1- Official cutover to