Monday, February 2, 2015

Phishing Attacks Making their Rounds in D219.

The article below was published in a previous newsletter, but a few of you still fell victim to a phishing attacks.  The latest was disguised as "you had met your e-mail quota". But. they can come disguised in many ways, even by phone.

Do Not give personal/private information to anyone unknown to you via e-mail, phone, letter, fax.
You may be thinking about fishing and so was my spell checker but no, this is about the cyber crime activity known as phishing and its newer cousin, spear phishing.

Phishing, as you may know, is when a cyber attacker, just like a fisherman casting his fishing net to the sea hoping for the best, would send a mass email with misleading information with the intent of stealing some valuable information from you. His hope is that some unsuspecting victim would fall into his trap.

Spear phishing, on the other hand, is when a cyber attacker singles you out of the whole school (no pun intended) and delivers a customized email, the spear.

I won’t repeat the “don’t click links on emails” or “don’t open attachments from unknown sources” but rather, I invite you to watch a quick video to raise your awareness on phishing.

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