Monday, November 24, 2014

Save Money, Now!

OK. I was not thinking about your finances, but rather at ways for you to help D219 save money.

Here is a simple one. Turn off your classroom projector when you are done!

How many times have you (or I) walked past an empty classroom and saw that its projector was left on? Is it a big deal? well, actually... yes. Projectors are expensive and projector lamps, even more. 

Here are some facts that do not hurt to know:
  • A projector costs the District around $700. Make that investment last longer  by turning it off when you are done using it.
  • A projector lamp costs around $150 and have an expected operating time (lamp life) of around 4,000 hours in Normal mode and 5,000 hours in Eco mode (Epson 965). Turn it off when you are done, and you will extend its life.
  • Projector lamps take a brief moment to get running at optimal performance. If the projector is turned on and off quickly, it can cause the lamp to fail permanently.
  • If your room location allows, ask the Help Desk to set your projector to run on Economy Mode. While slightly less bright, the lamp will last longer.
  • Air intake and exhaust vents need to be clean and unobstructed. Call the Help Desk if your projector needs cleaning.
  • Do not move or vibrate the projector while turned on. The projector lamp is fragile while hot.
For most of us, the projector in our classroom has become an essential tool, one we expect to be reliable and functioning. Let's keep them in top shape by caring for them. Think of all the money that you will be saving!

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