Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Profile Picture Policy

At the last Board Meeting there was a change as to what images are allowed to be displayed for any District-related online accounts which states, "For District e-mail accounts, Google+ accounts and other District-related online accounts that permit display of a profile photo, District employees must display their official D219 security photo or the default Google silhouette. No other pictures or images, including the D219 logo, are permitted."

What this means for the profile picture in your email is that you can use your security ID picture or the default Google silhouette (which is displayed if you delete your picture). We will no longer automatically update it with your security ID pic.  If you want to use a picture, you will need to manually save and download your picture from the Employee Directory within the Portal (if you do not see your picture in the Employee Directory, see Phil Lacey in the PDC and he will download it for you so that you can upload it as your profile picture).  Also, if you have another picture currently uploaded to your email account or in Google + as your profile picture, then you will need to delete it and upload you security ID picture, using the method above or leave it with the default silhouette.

1:1 summer Symposium at Leyden

Leyden High School, District 212 is happy to announce its second 1:1 Summer Symposium to be held July 30 - August 1, 2014.  

Who should attend?
  • Anyone looking to go 1:1.
  • Anyone who has gone 1:1 and wants to connect with others.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Chromebooks.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about some great tech tools, strategies, and implementations.
We have sessions designed for Board members, administrators, curriculum specialists, teachers, technology coordinators, and tech staff.

We sold out last year and received some great reviews.

The cost is only $200 per person which includes the following:
  • Breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Keynotes by Dean Shareski, Jennie Magiera, and Angela Maiers!
  • Lots of breakout sessions to choose from.
  • At least one social/networking event.
  • CPDU hours.
  • Access to the vendors/partners that we have worked with to help us get to where we are today.
Now in its second year of being fully 1:1 with all Leyden students getting issued a Chromebook, we've learned a lot and are excited to share our knowledge and experiences.

Check out their website for more information and to register: Leyden's 1:1 Summer Symposium.

Important NROC Content Updates


Important Notice:
June Changes to the NROC Library

On June 24, 2014 all University of California-copyrighted courses and content in the NROC Collection will be removed from our servers to be exclusively distributed through the UC Scout program. Learn more here.

In anticipation of this change, many exciting new media collections have been added to HippoCampus over the past year.  Many of those collections are now correlated to the Common Core standards at member-branded HippoCampus sites as well.
We hope you will continue to share your ideas for other new collections to be added to HippoCampus in the future.

The University of California (UC) has decided to discontinue their distribution partnership with NROC/HippoCampus.  All UC-copyrighted content and courses will be removed from our servers on June 24, 2014

US History I & II
AP US History I & II
American Government
AP US Government & Politics

College Prep Physics I & II
Introductory Physics I & II
General Physics I & II
AP Physics B I & II
AP Physics C I & II

AP Biology I & II
Environmental Science
AP Environmental Science

Algebra 1a & 1b (2004 version)
Curso de Algebra 1A & 1B (Spanish)
Elementary Algebra
Introductory Calculus I & II
General Calculus I & II
Calculo General I & II (Spanish)
AP Calculus AB I & II

AP Calculus BC I & II 

Mobile Stand-Alone Apps from Google

Google has released individual mobile apps for it's most popular features: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These apps have full functionality on-the-go with or without online access. 

Over the next few days, mobile Google Drive users will be prompted to download these stand-alone apps when they access Drive. 

For the full article, click here: http://googleappsupdates.blogspot.com/

News From The AAL Hepldesk

News from the Student Help Desk banner

News from the Student Help Desk


Searching Gmail Just Got Better

Gmail has a helpful new upgrade: you're now able to search your email by filtering out the size of attachments. So, if you've got dozens of emails about a topic, and several of them have attachments, and you know you want a particular attachment, you can guess at the file size of the attachment, and then search.


You Can Edit PDFs On Your Chromebook and Netbook

Have you ever wanted to type directly on a PDF? Well, you can. In this short video, Tech Leader Suha walks you through PDF Escape, available in the Chrome Web Store. Suha filmed this on a Chromebook using Chromecastify.


Printing PDFs From Google Docs

This happens only on desktop computers, not on Chromebooks or netbooks. And the problem occurs when you're trying to print a PDF that has been uploaded to Google Docs. Tech Leader Suha walks you through the solution below.

Evernote: A Comprehensive Tool for Students and Teachers

If you are not familiar with Evernote, then you are missing out on one of the great web 2.0 products to organize your notes. While Evernote seems to be used for personal note keeping, teachers are using it to support learning.


Get Insurance:
It is never too late to protect your equipment.
Are you Digitally Literate? Take the assessment:
Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your Digital Literacy Score which are now posted in the ILP.

Netbook Users:
Take the time to get your netbook updated or repaired before the summer.
Note- We have many parts on hand from prior repairs that many of the repairs are usually at no cost .

REMINDER: "9" is no longer required to place outside calls.

As announced in the December newsletter, dialed phone numbers that start with "9" will no longer route to any destination (with the exception of 911, of course). This change is being phased in, and all phones will be reprogrammed by July 1, 2014. Please get into the habit of dialing external numbers simply starting with "1", i.e., 1847xxxxxxx

Additionally, the same rules apply if you forward your desk phone to your cell phone, or if you use speed dials. As a convenience to you, any existing speed dials you had on your phone(s) as of May 1st have already been stripped of the "9" prefix in the system.

Don't hesitate to contact Sebastian at x3964 with any questions.

District 207: Google For Education Summit

District 207 invites you to join them for the District 207 Summit, a three day event focusing on Google Apps for Education and the use of Google Apps, Chromebooks, and high impact learning strategies. Start out your experience on August 8th with a half or full day workshop. Continue the learning on Saturday August 9th and Sunday 10th with dozens of breakout sessions starting out with a keynote by Rushton Hurley. Breakout presentations include those by selected spotlight speakers, Google Education Trainers, Maine 207 teachers and staff, and other experts on Google Apps for Education.

Submissions for presenters are open and selected presenters receive free conference admission along with breakfast and lunch. Please consider submitting a proposal for a workshop or a breakout session.

Can't Connect to Wireless NTHS-FACULTY

If you use  the NTHS-FACULTY wireless, it is quite possible that sooner or later you will experience difficulties establishing or maintaining a WiFi connection for your wireless device. Unfortunately, the password for NTHS-FACULTY wireless was leaked. We have no option but to change its password and that change will happen over the Summer

Because of this password breach, the NTHS-FACULTY WiFi has been reaching its maximum capacity of allowed hosts and at peak times, some users find out that they cannot longer connect. This issue is only affecting the NTHS-FACULTY and unfortunately the number of allowed hosts cannot be increased due to technical limitations.

If you are affected by these shortages or if you want to avoid having to deal with this issue at all, please consider stopping using NTHS-FACULTY and start using NTHS-AAL-5G or NTHS-AAL.

Please follow the instructions here to guide you in setting up your device to the NTHS-AAL-5G or NTHS-AAL WiFi. If you need help, call us at the Help Desk or stop by the PDC.

Please note that if your device does not list the NTHS-AAL-5G network as an available option, it is because it is not capable of using it. However,  if you see NTHS-AAL-5G... that is great news! NTHS-AAL-5G is a faster (5GHz) wireless that will complement better your newer devices such as smartphones (iPhones, Androids, Windows phones), tablets (iPads, Android, and Windows tablets), and Chromebooks. 

SSL Bug Threatens Internet Security

OpenSSL is a security protocol used on secure websites to encrypt data being shared between a computer and servers. You will recognize a server using a secure protocol by the "s" in https://.   Unfortunately, hackers have figured out how to take advantage of this flaw and used it to collect information stored in the servers memory during the time of the secure transaction. You can read more about "Heartbleed", here.

We have taken steps to secure D219 servers. We are blocking the exploit at the firewall and patching the affected servers, Drupal and Moodle. Also, between 12:30 and 1:30PM today, 4/9/14 the Destiny, Efinance and, Eduphria servers may not be able to accessible during the update. Google has already taken action to secure their servers as they were one of the companies to discover the problem

So, what does this mean to you?  There is a good chance that you have used a vulnerable server, recently and a chance (un-determinable) that personal information may have been stolen.  Again, it is a good time to change passwords following some of the tips and directions from a previous post.

Here is a list of sites affected by Heartbleed.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Learning Workshops and Classes

Maine D 207 Google Apps in the Collaborative Classroom:

This week-long experience, planned and designed by Maine 207's team of Google Certified Apps Trainers will first prepare you to use the core suite of Google Apps for Education, which includes Google Documents, Gmail, Sites, Calendar, Chat, Groups and Video. As teachers are learning the tools there will be hands-on opportunities for modifying existing lessons to become more collaborative using Google Apps. Teachers will also be given the opportunity to model authentic student activities by building a portfolio of work using Google Sites. More detailed descriptions and course information can be found by clicking here!

IVS Professional Development Summer 2014 Online Courses Now Open for Registration!

The following Illinois customized Intel® Teach Elements courses are now open for registration at https://pd.ilvirtual.org:
·         Designing Blended Learning
·         Project-Based Approaches
·         Inquiry in the Science Classroom
·         Collaboration in the Classroom
·         Teach Students to Think Critically with Data
·         Assessment of 21st Century Skills
·         Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
Each six week facilitated course starts June 25 and ends August 5, 2014, and consists of interactive lessons, participation in discussion boards, and the development and submission of a final project/action plan. Participants should plan to spend 3-4 hours per week completing weekly assignments, but when to work each week is up to the participant!
Participants will earn 21 CPDUs for successful course completion and most courses are available for graduate credit from Aurora University. Cost per course is only $150, with an additional graduate credit tuition fee of $200 paid directly to the university. 
Enroll today to learn how to transform the classroom to a digital learning environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and critically thinking!  For more course information, view our flyer at https://video.ilvirtual.org/website/pdfs/IVSIntelFlyer_Summer2014.pdf
If you have any questions, please email Danielle Brush Lewis at dlewis@ilvirtual.org.