Friday, January 31, 2014

Password Security

You may have heard on NPR and the news that Yahoo e-mail passwords were stolen.

Yahoo Email Account Passwords Stolen

In light of the many account security issues we have witnessed in the last few weeks (Target, Yahoo, Neiman Marcus), it is time to change your passwords! Your passwords protect your accounts, files, Gradebook, and email, and by extension, the District's information. Here is a guide for Creating Strong Passwords; in short, use a long password made up of numbers, letters, and symbols at least 8 characters long.

Today, take three minutes out of your day and update the password on your account. 

1. Log in and press Ctrl + Alt + Delete

2. Select Change a Password                     3. Enter the required information and click the arrow.

4. All done

Note: Mobile devices like phones, tablets and Chromebooks connecting to your D219 Google Apps account are not affected by your Active Directory password. Therefore, if you want to change that password, you will need to go to the Help Desk.  

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