Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NROC / HippoCampus Updates

New Content Almost Here!
Last month, we announced the inclusion of new content from STEMbite, Arizona's Phoenix College, and NASA. This month, we are pleased to announce FIVE more collections coming to HippoCampus in early 2014:
Virginia Historical Society
U.S. History videos from Virginia covering topics such as Jamestown, the Civil War ("Battle of the Ironclads," "John Brown's Raid," and "Grant vs. Lee: The Wilderness to Petersburg"), and more.
Moments in American History
A collection of 38 short videos with overviews of key topics in American History, from Francisco Coronado's early explorations to the Gulf Wars of the 1990s. Content is divided into four time periods: 1492-1750; 1750-1865; 1865-1945; and 1945-present. Includes on-camera interviews with academic experts as well as stills of photographs and famous historical artwork to help bring the subject to life for students.
National Geographic Creative
This collection includes 30 videos and two animations on environmental Science for our Earth Science page, plus eight videos on U.S. History and, for the first time on HippoCampus, nine titles for the topic of World History. Environmental Science titles include, "The Greenhouse Effect," "The Ocean Floor," and "Climates of the World." U.S. History titles include, "Excavating Jamestown," "Juneteenth," and "World War II: The impact of the GI Bill." World History titles include, "Mesopotamia," "The Impact of the Columbian Exchange on Europe and America," and "Feudal Societies: The Impact of the Feudal System in Europe."

From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration come two series for our Earth Science subject page. The 26 Ocean Today live-action videos explore topics such as lightning, coral reefs, ice in the ocean, tsunamis, marine debris, and other timely topics. The 24 Environmental Visualization Lab videos each feature an interview with a different NOAA scientist on their particular subject of expertise, from tsunami digital elevation modeling to monitoring space weather.

Why U
Join the fictitious and animated Professor von Schmoehawk as he introduces foundational concepts in math--the why behind the math, as opposed to the how behind solving problems. These 55 animations for pre-algebra and algebra cover topics such as the dawn of numbers, functions, and the Cartesian coordinate system, in a clear, lively and fun presentation style.

New Video Tutorial

In Part II of "How To Make a Playlist," Project Manager Beth Pickett takes a brief look at fine-tuning a HippoCampus playlist, including adding details and descriptions.

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