Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Changes to Google’s Terms of Service

The most significant change to Google’s TOS is the automatic inclusion of your Google+ profile information in their Shared Endorsements feature. This new feature connects you with those in your circles who have similar interests by displaying names and profile pics next to reviews and comments to put a more personal stamp on the products and services you may be investigating.

“Feedback from people you know can save you time and improve results for you and your friends across all Google services, including Search, Maps, Play and in advertising. For example, your friends might see that you rated an album 4 stars on the band’s Google Play page. And the +1 you gave your favorite local bakery could be included in an ad that the bakery runs through Google. We call these recommendations shared endorsements, and you can learn more about them here.” From Google’s Policies and Principles, Summary of Changes page

There is no way to opt out of this except to delete your Google+ profile. If you have not yet activated your Google+ profile, then this does not affect you. However, if you have set up your Google+ profile, and no longer want it, then follow these steps to remove the account and related features:

  • Scroll to the bottom to the “Account Management” heading.  
  • Click on the "Delete profile and remove related Google+ features." link.

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