Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Be Mindful of Bandwidth Usage

Each year we’ve increased the amount of bandwidth that reaches our campuses in support of our one-to-one program, however, we do not have an unlimited supply.

If you’re noticing a slow-down of connectivity speed, it is likely due to users (not just students, but faculty and staff) taxing the system with downloads and streaming media. We ask that you not stream music or videos, or download movies, books, etc during school hours in order to provide students with first-priority access to valuable online resources.

Feel free to access these resources outside of school hours, and store them on your J drive for use during lessons.

Also, be mindful that anytime you use District 219 tech resources, you are bound by the AUP.

We will continue to increase bandwidth, however, doing so will not eliminate the possibility of congestion. Look at our bandwidth like our expressways. We’ve exponentially increased capacity, yet there are still bottlenecks and rush hour traffic. The District’s bandwidth expansion is only as broad as our service provider’s capabilities, and will never exceed demand. With the addition of innumerable mobile devices, there are several thousand connections made each hour.

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  1. What if our downloads and streaming are necessary for a lesson we're teaching?