Friday, October 25, 2013

News from the Student Help Desk

The Tech Leaders have been working on repairing all kinds of devices, and they want teachers and staff to know the following items:

  1. If we can’t repair a device within a class period, students have the option of taking a loaner netbook. Please know that no student should be without a device because his/her device is “in the shop.” They can get loaners if they need them.

  1. We’ve created a how-to video for students and parents who want to know how to use their insurance policy. It’s important that students be reminded that it’s never too late to buy the insurance, and that the insurance policy is something they should hang on to and learn how to use.

  1. We’ve also created a video explaining how to reconnect a Chromebook to the AAL 5G network after a powerwash. Chromebooks have a built-in reset feature, and using it erases the settings for the 5G network. Anyone can learn this simple technique to connect to the fast 5G network.

  1. We’d like to remind seniors and juniors that we have updated images for their netbooks, and that we would be happy to reimage their machines with newer, faster software.

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