Monday, October 21, 2013

HippoCampus Update

Missing Hippo - REWARD!
To help us reach 1,000 Likes at our Facebook page, we wanted to get our fans a Hippo, but somehow, he escaped! Help us find him andwin a $50 AMEX gift card! He's hiding somewhere at HippoCampus--be the first to find him and post a screenshot on our Facebook page, and win! Last we heard, he was heading towards one of the new subject areas...

What is HippoCampus?

Want to tell your colleagues about HippoCampus? Looking for a quick summary describing what HippoCampus is and how teachers and students are using it? Check out this brief video and feel free to share!

Personalizing the Path
to College Readiness

We hear a lot about personalized learning - tailoring lessons to the individual needs of students. Can personalized learning help us solve the decades-old challenge of college readiness? This Thursday, Dr. Lopez will talk about the possible reasons so many of our high school graduates are not ready for college math and English, and will introduce EdReady, a new web-based application from the non-profit NROC Project, currently being piloted by select institutions nationwide.
Session presenter: Gary Lopez, Founder and CEO of The NROC Project
Event date: October 17, 2013
Event time: 2:00 PM ET
Register today for this FREE webinar event!

New Content Coming Soon
We love finding new, quality content to bring our users! Coming inearly 2014, we'll be adding more than 3,500 new learning objects to HippoCampus, covering content in math (Phoenix College's geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and more); physics, biology and math in the real world (Andrew Vanden Heuvel's STEMbite, featuring Google Glass); and more science (NASA's eClips for middle and high school students). This new content will be added as old content from the University of California (U.S. history, physics, calculus, and biology) is scheduled to retire from HippoCampus in June 2014. For a detailed listing of what will be retired, please send HippoCampus Project Manager Beth Pickett an email request.
The HippoCampus Team

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