Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving from Sharepoint to Google Docs for the District's Document Repository

Over the summer we took the opportunity to move our Sharepoint content to the cloud. This means that Public (Policies, BOE minutes, etc) and Private (Intranet Files, etc) documents are now managed by D219Docs, a GoogleDrive-based repository providing a familiar and easy to manage system for end-users. In addition to being cloud-based and FREE it is backed-up in several locations, making it one of the most secure websites to store docments. 

There are two different ways to access the document repository.  You can access it through your Google Drive by clicking on the invite to Google Drive here. This works best in the Chrome browser.

Or you can access it through the public facing side of our website,  http://docs.niles219.org/docs/Public/  ​Please bookmark/favorite this site. 

The Private intranet requires you to login to your D219 account.  The login link is located on the upper right corner of the page.

​If there are resources that may be missing, or do not have access to, please contact dapwat@d219.org to correct the problem.​ If you have links to Sharepoint, please update these to the new site.

Here is a link to a Presentation that explains how Docs.niles219.org works

If you have any questions or need a little help, please do not hesitate
​to contact your buildings PDC.

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