Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HippoCampus Content Updates

New Content Collections!
(From hippocampus.org)

We're gearing up for the fall with all new content in Math, Social Science, and Humanities! Check out the latest collections from the following contributors:

  • Art of Problem Solving -Arithmetic, Algebra & Geometry, Probability. First, a little background: As a student, Richard Rusczyk was extraordinary in mathematics, participating in the National MATHCOUNTS academic competition and becoming a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner in 1989 before attending Princeton and eventually working on Wall Street. However, Richard was unsatisfied by the world of finance, so he left to create AoPS. This collection has loads of video presentations that break down a problem and delve into the mechanics of solving it. Richard explains the methodology behind finding the solution, demonstrating multiple pathways to do so. There are also test prep videos for the MATHCOUNTS and American Mathematics Competitions (AMC). Great for both math whizzes and students who struggle!
  • Dallas Learning Solutions - Economics, English, History & Government, Sociology. DLS is enriching HippoCampus with a variety of community college material in several different subjects. This material consists of video presentations and interactive simulations. The videos pair expert instructors and narration with high-quality clips to produce an engaging multimedia experience. The simulations prompt students as they learn, checking their knowledge as they progress.
  •  SIATech English. As an NROC Member, SIATech is fulfilling the mission of creating Everyone's Learning by contributing its in-depth English Language Arts videos to HippoCampus. These presentations cover the basics of grammar and writing, testing middle and high school knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

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