Monday, May 20, 2013

New HippoCampus Content

New HippoCampus Content

Coming this Summer to!

New Content: What To Expect

In order to keep pace in a time of rapid economic, social, and personal change, HippoCampus, powered by the NROC Project, is refreshing its content over the coming summer months.

Art of Problem Solving screenshotFirst, we are bringing in over 330 math videos from The Art of Problem Solvingcovering Pre-Algebra, Introduction to Algebra, Geometry, and Probability, plus prep materials for the middle school-level MATHCOUNTS competition and high school-level American Mathematics Competition. These videos have high-production value and systematically cover topics in a relaxed, informal tone. Average video length is short and to the point--a great lecture supplement, brush up for homework, or material introduction!

Dallas County Community College District screenshotNext, the Dallas County Community College District is contributing over 90 videos in English, US History, Sociology and Business. This variety of academically-rigorous material will open up HippoCampus to a wider range of students and educators, bringing the power of digital media to learners of additional subjects. Tell your colleagues!

Helping launch the new English subject page at HippoCampus is a highly interactive series of tutorials in English Language Arts fromSIATechThese cover everything from identifying and correcting sentence fragments, to understanding and interpreting poetry. The 35 videosprovide a solid understanding of fundamental concepts in
English, as well as opportunities for students to practice putting those
concepts to use in a fun and non-threatening environment. At the end of each lesson, students can generate a printable report that shows their work and can be turned in to their teachers for feedback and monitoring of student participation.

Coinciding with this refresh is the end of our distribution agreement with the University of California. Effective June 24th of 2014, UC courses will no longer be distributed through NROC or HippoCampus. This includes U.S. History, American Government, some Physics content, and more. For a complete list of collections and availability, click HERE.

These materials were chosen for their high production value, quality and accuracy. They have all been thoroughly vetted by our editorial team and subject matter experts for academic rigor. 

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