Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Spring Cleaning Tips From the AAL Help Desk

Cleaning Your Electronic Devices:
Dirt and grime buildup on electronic devices are best combated with the use of a screen cleaning solution and microfiber cloth. Using a commercial kit (found at most stores in the electronics section) reduces the likelihood of damaging your equipment.  **Please avoid using Windex because the chemicals inside are too harsh for LCD screen and will damage the porous areas.

Periodic cleaning of the vents located at the bottom of netbooks and laptops (where the cooling fans are located) with canned air is essential for optimal performance.

Refresh Netbook Image:
Cleaning your netbook involves more than wiping down the outside. Stop by the Help Desk and have your netbook rolled back to that Out-of-the-Box experience. Not only will this speed up your system, it removes all those forgotten an unused programs you downloaded to test.  BEFORE your system is re-imaged, Please backup your files.  Don't know how to do it? Then learn how to do when you drop off your netbook, or schedule an appointment.

Please refer to our AAL Help Desk website for other useful tip or information relating to the netbooks.

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