Saturday, March 2, 2013

Netbook User Software Survey Report

The following report was shared with TCSI on January 31, 2013.

AAL Netbook User Survey Results

The AAL Student Help Desk recently conducted a district-wide survey focusing on students’ use of netbooks. This survey asked students to compare their use of online/cloud-based applications to the software pre-installed on their netbook.

As of January 2013, there were nearly 4,600 students who have been issued a netbook. Of those students, 917 responded; a nearly 20% response rate.

Students were asked how often they used each component of OpenOffice and Google Drive. The most popular responses are compared below:

Google Docs51% Frequently UseOpenOffice Writer33% Frequently Use
Google Presentation37% Sometimes UseOpenOffice Presentation53% Never Use
Google Spreadsheets31% Rarely UseOpenOffice Spreadsheets56% Never use
Google Draw57% Never UseOpenOffice Draw74% Never Use

There was a dramatic difference in the number of respondents who always store their work in the cloud; Google Drive, Dropbox, etc (64%), to those who sometimes utilize cloud storage (19%). Students were asked to choose one reason why they chose to use online applications. The number one response (50%)  was convenience—they are available anytime, anywhere. Speed was the next most popular response (15%) followed by safety and collaboration (14%).

The chief complaint regarding the use of online applications was connectivity issues at school (59%). Netbooks are not the only wireless devices attempting to access the District’s WiFi; there are tablets, laptops, and cellphones which also tax the network. The Technology Department has made great efforts to increase bandwidth and the number of access points available throughout the schools. Students are also regularly reminded to restart their device in order to resolve most connection problems.

The AAL Help Desk staff has investigated cloud-based alternatives to pre-installed software titles. Staff was unable to find an alternative web-based product with equivalent functionality for the titles listed below and asked students about their usage.
  • Logger Pro - 83% Never used
  • Skype - 32% Never Used
  • Stellarium - 84% Never Used
  • Kturtle Programming - 87% Never Used
  • STEP - 87% Never Used

Students were given the opportunity to identify other programs that their teachers have directed them to install. The most common responses were Geogebra and Adobe Reader.

These results will be used to develop the image for the next class of netbooks. Student and faculty feedback is integral to providing the best possible software solutions for the District.

Full survey results are available here.

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