Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chromebooks to Try-out

The Board of Education has approved the recommendation to purchase Google Chromebooks for the next class of in-coming Freshman. 

If you're not familiar with Chromebooks we hope that you will take some time to check one out for a few days. We have two in both buildings available for check-out.  

If you're inpatient and want to have the same browsing experience on your desktop, then the Google Chrome Browser has the same functionality. You can load the same applications and extensions that are available on the Chromebook right to your desktop computer through the Chrome Browser.

Student netbooks can also mimic the Chrome OS experience by using the Chrome browser. All users can share the same Chrome Experience no matter what computer they use. 

You may reserve a time to check-out a Chromebook from the PDC.  We only ask you that you limit your time to one week so others may have ample opportunity to test out the device.  

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