Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introducing PDC Tech Talks

The Professional Development Centers will now be hosting a new TechTalk every week. Drop in and pick up a new skill or tool in less than a period. These TechTalks will include workshops and resources. Check out the schedule and click on the link to our TechTalks' Blog for more detailed information.

Upcoming Topics:

Week of February 4 - Examining Student CFA Data
Use Pinnacle Instruction (PI) to assess your students' performance. You can easily generate a variety of reports for each class to determine how your students performed on each question, Learning Target, etc..

Week of February 11 - Create Email Groups from Class Lists
Email and share Google docs with your students by importing your class lists from the portal into groups in your gmail contacts! Once these lists are imported, you can easily email each class or share documents by just selecting the group.

Week of February 18 - Moodle Forums
A great way to engage groups of students in a safe environment is through creating a forum. There are four basic forum types. In this workshop, we’ll explore the various types. 

Week of February 26 - Ipevo Document Cameras
Learn how to maximize these easy to use use document cameras in your classroom. These multi-function tools are not only great for projecting documents, but also capture images and work as webcams.


Week of March 4 - SlideRocket
An online presentation platform where you can quickly and easily create and deliver stunning presentations with quantifiable results. Review statistics about who, where and when a presentation was viewed and how the viewer interacted with it.

Week of March 11 - Socrative
A free online program that allows students to use netbooks or other mobile devices in place of clickers.

Week of March 18 - Create Your Own YouTube Channel
Set up you own YouTube Channel to harness the potential of the vast resources available to you and your students through YouTube, using playlists, comment and favorites to manage content.

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