Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Tech Staff's Favorite Web 2.0 Resources for Staff and Students

The tech department was up all night like little elves preparing for the holidays and making lists of their favorite web 2.0 tools and resources. Take some time over these next few days and explore some of their suggestions.  Happy Holidays!  

This has become a favorite of students and teachers alike. A nonlinear way of doing presentations allowing those that want to get away from the page by page turn of Powerpoint to something more dynamic without the need to create a video. (Abe)

It has to be one of the most convenient tools since Google Drive. The ability to keep files in sync across the multiple devices has allowed to keep important documents at my fingertips all the time. The best part is there is almost no file limitation when sharing. If I had a 100mb video to share, drag and drop, and wallah, the other person has it in 10 minutes. (Abe)

It is one of my favorite apps to use. Not only to does it sync to all my devices, I can quickly add and organize those random notes that I would normally put on a sticky note under my keyboard or all over the side of my screen. (Abe)

It has become one of my most used tools. It helps me to keep track of all the log ins and passwords I have to try to remember. Dashlane encrypts your personal information and makes it available on a variety of platforms, like my phone, tablet , desktops, etc. (Guy)

You may start to see a theme for me (organizing stuff before I forget it). Tripit helps me to keep all my travel documents and plans organized. Whether that be a trip across town to a meeting, conference, or on vacation.  (Guy)

Online Convert
Nothing is more frustrating than having a file in one format and needing it in another.  Here is an online file converter that will do the work for you. (Edwin)  

Dipity is a free digital timeline website. Users can create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps. (Calvin)

SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. (Drew)

Poll Everywhere
Audience response system utilizing text messages, Twitter, and the web. No clickers required. Use it for surveys, polling, auctions, quizzes, brainstorming, etc. Free for up to 40 respondents. (Mike U)


An online Interactive whiteboard that captures voice and writing to create shareable lessons. Use online or download the app from the Apple Store. Perfect for using on iPads or for subs when teachers can't be available. (Robert)

Brainstorming with words doesn't get any creative or easier than Wordle.  Could be used as a classroom activity or within presentations. (Craig)

Easy Prompter
Planning on making a quick video to share in your class but you are "camera shy" and keep forgetting your lines? Run this free, web-based teleprompter on your netbook to help you look relaxed and professional. (Marcelo)

Chrome/Chrome Webstore
All things Google run best on Chrome. In addition to more functionality of Drive, Calendar, Gmail, etc.; there's a whole slew of apps/plug-ins to install that make Chrome not only a great browser, but a reliable alternative to your standard operating system. Some apps are solely web-based and others you can download and run from your hard drive. Log-in anywhere and take your apps with you. Go explore! (Daphne)

An elegant way to embed a multipage document, magazine, or book on a webpage. I use this service on a number of blogs; it gives the reader a lot of great options for flipping through the pages, changing the size of the font, and a number of other variables, including subscription/distribution schemes. (Tim)


Elegant, versatile audio embedding. There are a number of audio embedding services; Soundcloud is one of the better ones. What I like about them is that their gadget is visually appealing-- whenever I post a blog entry with a Soundcloud embed, it gets a lot more traffic. (Tim)

Take Screenshots: Capture an image of what you see on your computer screen. Record Screencasts, up to 5 minutes of onscreen video. (Chris)


The one online tool that I use quite often and recommend is Zamzar, a free online file conversion site. Upload your file and Zamzar will show you the conversion options for that specific file type. Once it's converted, the file will be emailed to you. (Judy)

A screen-capture program that works with Evernote or independently. It does need to be downloaded, but it a wonderful tool for annotating a marking up a screen capture. It is available for the iPad, Android and Windows. (Judy)

One site that I really like is - it's an online tool that allows you to see information from multiple financial sites (banks, credit cards, etc.) all in one place.  (Becky)

Share My Lesson
Educators create and share best practices. This AFT developed site contains tons of resources to support Common Core Standards. (Richard)

Khan Academy
Self-paced learning tool providing video tutorials and interactive activities for students. Parents and teachers can monitor progress through detailed reporting for targeted interventions. (Sebastian)

Search any topic, results display as computational result for equations and report style format for topics. (Benju)

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