Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keeping Equipment Safe

Keeping Equipment Safe

The picture above depicts a very bad habit. Some students think it's okay to just leave their locker unlocked or even open when they go to PE class.  Of course they contain their phones, netbooks, and other valuable equipment.  Please remind students to use their Hallway Lockers or to use the lockers specifically purchased to lock up and charge valuable equipment.  

North:  Located near security  desk ,Door 12, outside PE locker room.
West:   Located in the  PE Locker Room

Whether staff or student, thefts need to be reported to security immediately.  The longer you wait, the less chance item(s) will be recovered.   If you find a student’s netbook, please drop it off to the Student Help Desk.  We will contact security and the student about it.
North: 1500 West: 2150

Did you buy insurance?  Regardless how careful you are, accidents happen.   Invest in insurance early can save you a ton of money later.  Read our Insurance Information page and download the form or stop by if you have any questions.  

It is the time again to return all borrowed equipment before Winter Break.  It is a recommend as well to check to see if your equipment has been repaired.  

Have a great Break

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