Thursday, December 20, 2012

Expanded Google Search Features

Google recently expanded its search features to help simplify life for the end user. Some tools may be especially useful during this holiday season. 

Flight Tracking and Schedules:  Type in an airline and flight number or enter your departure and arrival locations, Google will let you know the status and provide you with flights scheduled for your desired route. 

Maps: Going someplace new or unfamiliar? Type it in and Google will provide you with a map to help you get around. 

Sunrise & Sunset: Need to know the precise time daylight begins and ends? Add "sunrise" or "sunset" before the city and hit "Search"

Time: Name the city and Google will tell you the time in that location. 

Local Search: Type in what you're looking for and the zip code, Google will give you a list of options. 

Movie Showtimes: Get movie times by typing in "movies" and a zip code. 

Package Tracking: Enter a UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking number and Google will provide the status and link you to the service provider's site. 

For a full list of features and how best to maximize them, visit: 

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