Thursday, October 25, 2012

CK12 Updates: Multi-Modality Learning Objects Available

Multi-Modalities are Here!
Multi Modality

Beginning this month, we at CK-12 are excited about the launch of our new, multi-modality platform, available for the majority of our expanding STEM concepts.

Some of the features of Multi-Modality Concepts:

1. Flashcards from StudyBlue
2. Study Guides - Teacher and Student Contributed
3. Videos and Multimedia
4. Critical Thinking - Questions submitted from Students
5. Exercises - Test your Knowledge of the Concept
CK-12 Community
registered users 
70% students, 30% educators
38,000 hours 
per month online 
average of 5 min. per session per user prior to downloading
17M learning 
experiences delivered 
growth of 1M experiences per week
FlexBooks created 
3x growth YoY
140 FREE
titled textbooks

Whether students learn best by reading, watching a lecture, or playing around with interactive models, CK-12 provides the ideal resources for them.

See an example of multi-modalities 

Here's What's New

SHARE: Now, you can share - via Twitter, Facebook, or E-mail - components/modalities from individual concepts with family, friends, and fellow students. Create your own customized groups as well. Click on the Share arrow, as seen.
RATE: When in a particular modaility, use the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to indicate favorability. Note: You do need to be signed in to CK-12 to perform this function.

CK-12 and Braingenie are One!

Braingenie builds deep mastery and sharpens problem-solving skills through the most comprehensive K-12 math and science practice content. We have recently added links on the Braingenie skill pages (videos and practices) to comparable material on CK-12's main site as well. Check it out!


NOVA Partnership

NOVA revolves around a simple premise: the world of science is exciting! This award-winning, PBS program (produced by WGBH Boston) has partnered with CK-12, aligning selected video content with our concepts.

Here is an example from the Concept "Fish" - this NOVAvideo helps in overcoming misconceptions about sharks.

NASA: Special Recognition with CK-12

Continuing our groundbreaking partnership with NASA, 30 contributors and developers of the FlexBook entitled "Modeling and Simulation for High School Teachers: Principles, Problems, and Lesson Plans," were honored for their efforts at a ceremony that took place on August 10th at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

"If it wasn't for your experience and your passion for sharing knowledge, we might not be here today," Lesa Roe, Director of NASA Langley, said proudly. "Your combined efforts will have a positive and lasting impact as teachers - and states - across the nation work toward improving their science standards."
To view the award-winning FlexBook, click here.
Watch for our new Facebook and iPad Apps!
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